Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The most affordable beach town in Mexico

A city that is pedestrian friendly, with lovely sidewalk cafes, wonderful restaurants, art and culture, the longest boardwalk in Mexico and miles and miles of white sand beaches.......sounds a far cry from the Mexico that you read about in the newspapers written by sensationalistic journalist who exploit isolated stories of the swine flu and drug associated crime. Don't believe me? Click on the title of this entry to read what Dan Prescher, editor of International Living has to say about Mazatlan, Mexico.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Updated photos coming

My friend Bobby and I took a trip to La Perla Del Mar in April to put on the last minute touches to the interior of the condo as well as set the stage for the marketing photos. Bobby was the photographer and I was his stage hand. It was quite an experience and I learned a lot. We worked from the moment we got to the condo (4:30 pm) until 8:30 that night and all day the next day. What I didn't know before that I do know now is that most professional photographs that you see in print adds, glossy color brochures, etc are actually made up of layers of the same scene. So you under-expose one shot to get the vivid colors of the sunset out the glass patio doors and then you starting lighting the interior for the best exposure and take two or more shots with varying lighting techniques. Once the digital prints are layered over each other, it is a better representation of what the human eye takes in with all of the various shades of light from all other different sources. Thanks to Bobby, the mystery has been solved on how to get a REALLY good professional photo.

The last day that we were there and were finishing up the final photos of the master bedroom.....I yelled at Bobby that we were going to get a spectacular sunset in just a few minutes. That night was different from the night before in that we had layers of thin white cumulous clouds spread out across the horizon so that when the sun starting setting and shooting up the shades of orange, pink and fuschia, the blue of the sky showing between the clouds lit up as an electric turquoise color. We ran down to the pool just as the pool lights were being turned on and caught some amazing photographs of the lit up infinity pool, the lush tropical landscaping, the beach, the ocean crashing in and the most magnificent sunset that I've ever seen. We will be posting them soon so stay tuned.

La Perla del Mar is waiting for you to visit, rent or buy a fractional ownership. If you are interested in learning more.......please contact me.